Hello and thanks for stopping by! Whether you found kwlms (Keeping Women’s Lives More Simplified) by chance or just happened to stumble upon it, there are points that I want to leave you with. kwlms is a lifestyle space that has the “look and feel” of a traditional blog, but actually is quite different.

This Web site is composed of more than 150 articles that are culled from personal experiences, as well as from various Web sites, and are geared toward women of all ages (from age 25 to 105). To that end, this blog strives to provide insight on day-to-day topics of interest, in a concise format, from suggested reading and book reviews, to technology-related subjects, to how to learn Pilates, you name it; just think of kwlms as an uncommon blog that covers everything from soup to nuts. Happy browsing!

—Kimberly Williams

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