A Crying Shame: Danger in the Inner-City

East St. Louis, IL, is the most dangerous city in America.

Violence continues to plague inner-cities across the United States for reasons that are not exactly known, especially hard-hit are the youth. What’s more, on Saturday, July 13, 2013, the world was divided as the verdict was handed-down to, George Zimmerman, thereby sealing his fate in the Trayvon Martin case. Many were flabbergasted to learn the verdict and others proclaimed that justice was served.

And, although Trayvon wasn’t gunned-down in an inner-city, here are the ‘Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.,’ according to NeighborhoodScout.com. It’s worth reviewing these statistics, the results just may shock you.

Facing the Hard-Core Facts:

Rank City
100 Sarasota, FL
99 Muskegon, MI
98 Melbourne, FL
97 Richmond, CA
96 Rocky Mount, NC
95 Lawrence, MA
94 Bridgeport, CT
93 Miami Beach, FL
92 Milwaukee, WI
91 Worcester, MA
90 Tulsa, OK
89 Toledo, OH
88 Jeffersonville, IN
87 North Miami, FL
86 Danville, IL
85 Holyoke, MA
84 Paterson, NJ
83 Charleston, WV
82 Poughkeepsie, NY
81 Pontiac, MI
80 Lansing, MI
79 Chicago, IL
78 Lauderdale Lakes, FL
77 Springfield, MA
76 Jackson, TN
75 San Bernardino, CA
74 St. Petersburg, FL
73 Cincinnati, OH
72 Lima, OH
71 Elizabeth, NJ
70 Cleveland, TN
69 Council Bluffs, IA
68 Norristown, PA
67 Orlando, FL
66 Baton Rouge, LA
65 Springfield, IL
64 Carbondale, IL
63 Compton, CA
62 Canton, OH
61 Battle Creek, MI
60 Indianapolis, IN
59 Farmington, NM
58 Lake Worth, FL
57 New Bedford, MA
56 Fort Pierce, FL
55 New London, CT
54 East Point, GA
53 Niagara Falls, NY
52 Providence, RI
51 Newark, NJ
50 Philadelphia, PA
49 Nashville, TN
48 Kansas City, MO
47 Miami, FL
46 Washington, DC
45 Desert Hot Springs, CA
44 Bridgeton, NJ
43 Fort Myers, FL
42 Fall River, MA
41 Brockton, MA
40 Buffalo, NY
39 Salisbury, MD
38 Texarkana, TX
37 Hartford, CT
36 Alexandria, LA
35 New Haven, CT
34 Daytona Beach, FL
33 Cleveland, OH
32 Rockford, IL
31 Pine Bluff, AR
30 Harrisburg, PA
29 Trenton, NJ
28 Stockton, CA
27 Baltimore, MD
26 Atlanta, GA
25 Birmingham, AL
24 Little Rock, AR
23 Homestead, FL
22 Memphis, TN
21 Myrtle Beach, SC
20 Riviera Beach, FL
19 Chester, PA
18 York, PA
17 Wilmington, DE
16 Bessemer, AL
15 Harvey, IL
14 Monroe, LA
13 Oakland, CA
12 Spartanburg, SC
11 Chelsea, MA
10 Inkster, MI
9 Newburgh, NY
8 St. Louis, MO
7 Atlantic City, NJ
6 Detroit, MI
5 Saginaw, MI
4 West Memphis, AR
3 Flint, MI
2 Camden, NJ
1 East St. Louis, IL

*Source: Neighborhood Scout

Everybody is Culpable, to a Certain Degree

An old Jewish proverb states, “First improve yourself, and then judge others.” Moreover, one basic element is required in order for things to move in a different direction in inner-cities, a plan of action. Some inner-cities lack basic necessities such as programs for education; job, management and technical training; crime prevention; drug rehabilitation; urban revitalization; social welfare; economic development and the development of a stronger sense of community; problems that eventually spread to other areas of the globe, as well.

Plus, billions upon billions of dollars are wasted on programs that fall short of revitalizing our cities, because they do not address the root of the problem. Without honing-in on root causes, (including urban decay and unrest) all other efforts for economic recovery and urban renewal are futile, at best.

Carefully Executed Plans

Whether you are planning to visit these locations or just want to be in-the-know, storing this information in your memory bank may very well save your life, because you can take the necessary precautionary measures, to in fact, stay safe. Do you keep abreast the goings-on in different areas of the U.S.?

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-Kimberly Williams

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