4 Top, URL-Shortening Web Sites

Whether for your organization or yourself, TinyURL, is another popular site for shortening must-see content.

For trendy social media sites like Twitter, that only allot a certain number of characters per post, 140 to be exact, URL shortening is the way to go in order to shorten Web links. But, which URL shortening sites are excellent for trimming the fat from links? Of the many link-shortening sites out there, four are listed.

A Cleaner Look

Why use URL shorteners? Using a URL shortener is the best way to make a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shorter. These shorteners can come in handy while microblogging, using IM (instant messaging) or in email, where there is the possibility that a long link could be broken, just as soon as you hit the send button. Another possible reason one may opt to use a URL shortener is because they want to be discreet about the originating domain name, when posting a URL.

1. Since its inception, Google has expanded and now boasts a long roster of offerings. One of the company’s services is their very own URL shortener, goo.gl. Powered by Google, goo.gl, allows you to track, in real-time, the clicks and referrers on any shortened URL. How is this beneficial to me? It can help you better understand what appeals to your audience. You also may gain insight as to how to optimize your social, email and other click-through campaigns, says the organization. Know this: all goo.gl URLs and click analytics are public and can be accessed by anyone.

2. There’s nothing bitty about bitly. The site shortens more than 1 billion links per month and is a go-to site for everything from government organizations to non-profits to publishers, to name only a few. What does this equate to? Well, it means more than 6 billion clicks on links are processed every month.

3. Whether for your organization or yourself, TinyURL, is another popular site for shortening must-see content. You can add TinyURL to your browser’s toolbar, which allows for even faster access to the site. Be strongly cautioned that TinyURL may be used for actual URLs, only. Furthermore, using this service for illegal purposes or spamming is strictly forbidden. And, any misuse will result in the TinyURL being disabled. What else? You run the risk of being reported to all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) involved and to the proper government agencies, too.

4. HootSuite Media has rolled-out the ow.ly link shortener, an offering that also allows you to share files and track visits. Use ow.ly from within the HootSuite dashboard with a single click or as a stand-alone URL shortener. As a leading URL shortener, ow.ly, provides deep analytics about clicks, which can play an integral part in social media management.

Short Link, Long Content

Shortened links are all the rage these days. And, there are various reasons to use a link shortener; try a couple, you never know which one best suites your needs. Happy browsing!

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-Kimberly Williams

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