5 Ways to Yard Sale Success

Perhaps you are saving toward a family vacation, seeking to buy that flat screen television for the family room or sock away a few extra bucks for a rainy day. You can accomplish either of these goals by having a yard sale. Follow these five tips for yard sale success!

A Buyer’s Market

You drive by a house that is having a yard sale on a bright Saturday morning and you think to yourself, “I have things to sell.” Well now you can:

1. Major corporations do it and you should too, advertise with good signage. Create signs to draw people to your yard sale. The best way to get individuals to show up to your sale is with signs and arrows.

Also, give a great amount of thought to where you place your signs. Do you want to post them at the end of your block? How about on the bulletin board at your local grocery store? Considering the placement of your signs won’t leave you disappointed; you just may be pleasantly surprised with the turn out. After all, the more people who show up to your yard sale, the better.

2. You can learn a thing or two about the set-up of items in a department store. Use tables to showcase your items. Why? Shoppers like to see things at eye level. Make sure that most of your items are on your table and not on the ground. Your garage sale shoppers will appreciate not having to bend up and down to search through articles. For kid’s items, place them at their eye level and hand level.

3. Many attend yard sales for collectibles such as comic books, some visit yard sales to save money on items they need. Whatever the reason, give your sellables the right price tag. It will pay off to sell a lot of items at low prices, rather than a few highly priced items. Price each item for about 20 percent less than your original purchase price. For example, if you paid $5.00 for your item, you may sell it for $1.00 or less.

4. Everyone enjoys receiving freebies and even though the aim is to tell as many items as possible, designate a box for things that you want to give away. Such items may include fabric scraps or magazines. Place this box in your yard or driveway where those who pass by will be sure to see it. But, don’t forget to make a sign that reads “Free.”

5. As always, be sure to secure your cash. An unattended cash box at your garage sale can be an easy target for thieves. Use a fanny pack, apron or pocket to keep money with you at all times. If you are concerned about receiving counterfeit bills from your attendees, buy a special counterfeit detector pen at an office supply store such as Staples or Office Depot. How do these pens work? Make a mark on the bill, it will turn a different color if it is counterfeit. You also can be extra cautious by not taking checks or large bills, even.

The End Result

If you are an amateur at organizing a yard sale or a veteran at organizing this event, you can incorporate these tips into your technique. Do you have additional tips for having a successful yard sale? Feel free to comment in the “Comment Section” below.

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-Kimberly Williams

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