A Slave to Fashion

Fur, the must-have staple for countless fashionistas.

Straight from the runways of Paris, to Milan, to New York, the fashion capital of the world. The fashion industry is no stranger to fur. To boot, fur has been a must-have staple in the closets of countless fashionistas for decades and its popularity never seems to wane.

Making a Bold Fashion Statement

We all want to look our best and fur can help us achieve our desired look. Among the most fashionable are long-haired furs with coyote, beaver, fox and raccoon. Bright jewel-colored furs also has been known to turn heads. Coats that are accentuated with fur, trimmed in fur, fur collars and cuffs are all show stoppers, too.

And, who doesn’t love to show off their signature style by accessorizing? Consider broadening your wardrobe options with fur-lined boots, gloves, hats and the like. Says Diane Beneditti, vice president of marketing & promotion at NAFA (North American Fur Auctions), “Now that winters are trending cooler and consumers are looking for fresh new outerwear looks, designers are tapping into the rich diversity of fur types that North America offers.”

Turning Things Up a Notch or Two

What’s next for the highly anticipated fashion world is unknown, but you can bet fur won’t be too far behind. Fur can allow us to make a statement, without even saying a word.

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-Kimberly Williams

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