On this Day: Famous People Born

We just can’t get enough of headline-making celebrities, who are the epitome of coolness. They are household names for a number of reasons. Don’t forget about the fact that many can make us swoon, too. After all, they are multi-talented and do things we only dream of doing, while sometimes adding a controversial twist to the mix. Some even entertain us to no end by dancing on table tops, by owning millions of pairs of shoes and by making more money then we can spend in a life time. But, who’s counting? Following is a list of celebrities that were born today. Happy Birthday!

We can’t get enough of headline-making celebrities.
We can’t get enough of headline-making celebrities.

Worthy of an Honorable Mention

  • Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Humanitarian/Civil Rights Leader (1929-1968);
  • Drew Brees, Football Player (1979-present);
  • Charo, Comedian, Dancer, Guitarist, Singer (1951-present);
  • King Yellowman, Musician (1956-present);
  • Gene Krupa, Drummer (1909-1973);
  • Moliere, Theater Actor, Playwright (1622-1673);
  • Aristotle Onassis, Entrepreneur (1906-1975);
  • Sam Shaw, Photographer (1912-1999).

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-Kimberly Williams

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  1. Shannon15 says:

    No matter how many times Martin Luther King’s name comes up I never get tired of hearing about him. Charo is another favorite. I really, really like your blog. There are so many topics that you cover. They are fun and informative at the same time; many blogs are lacking in content, but yours does the exact opposite. Thanks for the post!


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