3 Sure-Fire Cold Remedies

Gesundheit! Having a common cold is downright miserable no matter what stage the cold is in. During the cold’s duration sufferers can look forward to being irritable, sleepless nights, having above normal temperatures and being tethered to a box or boxes of Kleenex. But, what are some of the best ways to bid good riddance to a cold?

Remedy This

1. This may sound a little redundant, but since everyone is anxious for the cold to run its course, it is best to get rest while it is present. Inadequate amounts of rest also is a plausible reason for why colds develop in the first place.

Believe it or not, lack of rest can actually raise ones risk of catching a cold three times the normal rate, as opposed to those who catch ZZZ’s for about eight hours every night. So, that pressing issue that has been on your mind lately will just have to wait until tomorrow to be pondered.

2. Question: Do you think chicken soup is helpful with easing a cold or is eating chicken soup just a feel good remedy? The answer is yes, chicken soup is helpful with easing cold symptoms.

In fact, scientists discovered that eating chicken soup can relieve various symptoms of upper respiratory infections, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help us recover. So, the next time you have a cold go grab your favorite blend of chicken soup and enjoy. And, don’t forget the crackers.

3. Yes, you may have a dreadful cold, but that does not mean that you can’t work on building your immune system in the process. What better way to do that than by taking vitamins and supplements?

Vitamins may be tiny in comparison to their benefits, but they pack a powerful punch against thwarting colds. Specifically, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium are all well-known names in the antioxidant arena. Why are antioxidants important? They can help our bodies stay free from infection likewise, they also help ward off infection. Zinc, too, may help the body produce white blood cells, a critical aspect of fighting infection.

Cold, Cold, Go Away!

In reality, no one enjoys having a cold; it is very much an unwelcome part of life. But, by using these tried and true remedies, it won’t stick around for very long. Take that, cold!

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-Kimberly Williams

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  1. Shell says:

    I am definitely going to use this information when I get my next cold. You listed some very useful information. Thanks


  2. Shae Luczki says:

    Nice blog, it is one of my favorites by far.


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