3 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Buck


Washington, Lincoln and Hamilton. Can you stand to stretch your dollars a little further these days? You may be thinking that’s a silly question, we all can benefit from getting the most bang for our buck. Well, you’ve found the right article to explain three ways on how to do just that.

Counting Our Coins

1. One of the hottest and trending topics is healthcare. To that end, a focal point of president Obama’s is to make sure everyone has affordable healthcare coverage. While some applaud this action and others decry it, many are searching for ways to make the healthcare system work to their benefit. Know that for routine and scheduled procedures such as colonoscopies, orthodontics, MRIs or medically prescribed physical therapy, you can call your insurer and find out what it considers a “reasonable and customary amount” for the treatment. What do I do next? Simply ask your doctor to match this amount. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that he/she probably will honor your request. Just a little FYI, patients who ask get a lower price about half the time. Don’t be shy, now is the perfect time to assert yourself on the healthcare front.

2. We’ve all been warned and forewarned about the need to keep our credit in excellent standing. Why? Not doing so may cause us to pay more for things in the long run. Order your credit score from all three major credit bureaus (EquifaxExperian and TransUnion) for the tiny price of $45 from Myfico.com. While it’s your right to have free copies of your credit reports once every 12 months, you need to know the number that lenders and insurers use to judge your credit-worthiness. What a small price to pay for a big piece of mind.

3. A bill many despise paying every month is a phone bill, especially if one has bills from two entirely different companies. Just think, if you spend more than $50 a month on local and long-distance phone service from two different companies or more than $110 a month on phone, cable and high-speed Internet from three different ones, you can save as much as 25 percent by ordering a bundled service from a single provider. Another point to consider is that your service provider may be in the midst of rolling-out a package that fits your needs. What do you possibly have to lose by inquiring?

Seeing is Believing

Many just are not aware of the minute changes that can be made, in order to stop money from seemingly flowing from their banks accounts. But, luckily you are. Now, you can equate a funnel with adding fluid levels to your car, instead of using it in the same sentence as your spending accounts.

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-Kimberly Williams

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