3 DIY Projects You Ought Not Attempt

With The Home Depot, Lowe’s and True Value home improvement stores in such close proximity to residences, it is easier than ever to tackle do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. But, should you? Here are three reasons not to take on work around the house.

Work and Plenty of It

1. Do you want to beautify your home for yourself or because you are seeking to put your house on the market? Either way, you can tackle a few plumbing jobs with little to no expertise on your part. Projects that you can easily be tasked with are replacing a shower head or toilet. Much larger projects may require the skill and know-how from professionals, so it’s best to leave kitchen renovations and bathtub installations to the experts. Why is this the better option for me? The simplest mess up can be quite costly and tap into your pockets later on.

2. Being on critter duty is not the definition of fun for some. Removing squirrels, raccoons and other unwelcome pests from your home should never be attempted. Why? Several factors need to be accounted for when removing these creatures. For example, there is the possibility of slipping off a ladder, roof or chimney. Animals like to leave on their own and may become infuriated when you try to escort them from your residence. Exercise extreme caution because you run the risk of being attacked as well. You have much more to do than spend your precious time in the hospital.

3. Trees can be breathtaking to look at. And, while no one may want a forest growing in front of their home, it is not an easy feat to remove a tree and it should not be attempted. The possibility of smacking against telephone wires and heavy tree limbs could make for one very dangerous undertaking. Sorry, the perfect person for this role is an arborist. You won’t get your chance to yell ‘timber!’ in this instance.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, “A qualified professional will perform tree work properly and safely, but an unqualified person may further damage the tree, and more importantly may not be insured, leaving the liability burden to the client.” What more proof do you need?

In the Long Run

Some projects can be fun, very cost-effective and safe; while others can only put you in harm’s way. Although it may be tempting to tackle that DIY project, your best bet is to hire a professional when you are unsure if you should move forward.

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-Kimberly Williams

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