3 Ways to Safeguard Your Laptop/PC

WiFi networks, too, are another aspect to be leary of.

Malware, Adware and other viruses can keep us from surfing the Web as we normally would. Don’t fret, here are three ways to stop viruses from attaching themselves to your computer or laptop.

Easy as Can Be

We pay top dollar for our devices, so naturally, we want to take care of them and ensure they are running in tip-top shape as long as possible. But, you pay a bigger role in the health of your computer, even more than you may think.

1. Though you may constantly put it off until the next time, download and update antivirus programs whenever necessary. With that said you must, must keep your technology updated. Why is this critical to the life of my devices? For one, antivirus programs are key to protecting computers and laptops, because hackers are constantly seeking ways to attack your device; give them a run for their money by installing a program that keeps them on their toes, thereby making their programs less impactful.

2. Hackers have nothing but time on their hands, especially when it comes to disrupting ones lifestyle. Moreover, always create hard-to-guess passwords for any Web site you log into online. Here’s what to do: Simply think of passwords that include non-alphanumerical characters (such as #, @, ! or $). You may also want to think of changing the case of a letter (this only works on Web sites that are case-sensitive). Not creating a password that is difficult to uncover can leave you subjected to hacked social media, email and banking accounts, as well.

WiFi networks, too, are another aspect to be leary of, while you are taking a breather at your favorite coffee-house. How is this so? Just because you are using WiFi does not mean that your Internet connection is secure, in fact, the exact opposite can hold true. Again, make it a lot harder for attackers to achieve their goal, stealing your passwords and other sensitive data.

3. Have you ever received an email from an unknown source? Of course you have, we all have at some point in time. We’ve all clicked on at least one email from an unidentified source, also. For your protection be extra cautious of what you download. More importantly, never download email attachments from anyone you don’t know. What else? Be wary of doing the same in forwarded email attachments that originate from people you don’t know, your friends may have unwittingly passed malicious code from spammers along to you; the gift that keeps on giving.

Removing the Bull’s-Eye

You can never be too sure of how safe an Internet site is or isn’t, for that matter. However, Internet safety is quite simple and doesn’t always require the assistance of a tech savvy person on the opposite end of the line, otherwise known as tech support.

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-Kimberly Williams

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