8 Companies that Pay It Forward


How many companies do you think span the globe millions or billions? While it is hard to tell exactly how many companies there are in the world, it isn’t difficult to see which companies set the welfare of others as a top priority. Check out these eight organizations that continue to pay it forward.

In the Company of the Best

1. Many identify Warby Parker, as being one of the trendiest eyewear brands around, along with being one of the very few to offer carbon-neutral eyewear. And, while this is true, it is also a fact that the company operates on a buy one, give one model. What does this mean? For every pair of glasses purchased by a customer, Warby provides a pair of glasses to the less fortunate in a developing country. But, that is not all the organization does, as it also is committed to sponsoring a local Little League team.

2. Discovery Communications is responsible for delivering a roster of television channels such as OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), TLC and Animal Planet. However, Discovery Communications’ employees collaborate on programs such as, ‘Say Yes To Prom,’ a program where women donate formal dresses to girls in need. They also have embraced, ‘Creating Change,’ a 12-hour pro bono creative marathon where the firm brings its talents to a plethora of nonprofit organizations. Employees also are regulars at volunteer events in the communities where they live and work, too.

3. AOL, another noted media company, also is backed by giving employees. How so? AOL has a volunteer program and it matches employee nonprofit contributions up to $250. If you think this is all the company participates in you are wrong; AOL provides countless opportunities for employees to become part of giving-back initiatives.

4. Who doesn’t enjoy a well-planned trip? This is where TripAdvisor can come in. One of the reasons the company is so outstanding is because it is composed of caring employees. Lunch is provided three times a week at TripAdvisors’ office and each week, staff donate what they would’ve spent on food to charities that are selected by employees themselves.

That’s not all. Employees also participate in community service. And, the company has its own charitable foundation that offers grants and matches any monetary gifts given to the places employees volunteer. TripAdvisor contributes two percent of their profits to the foundation.

5. Actress Jessica Alba delivers both on-screen and off. The Honest Co. was co-founded by Alba, which is a sustainable and organic baby-product company. What does this company contribute to the greater good of others? This organization donates goods and services with every purchase to Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children up 12 years’ of age. Located in Los Angeles, Calif., the firm distributes new and gently used items to more than 50 non-profit organizations, which equates to reaching more than 67,000 children per year.

6. Billionaire and founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, also has made giving back a part of his business strategy. Branson created the non-profit foundation Virgin Unite, which calls for volunteers around the globe to spring into action for social good. The company’s overheads are covered by Branson and the Virgin Group, allowing 100 percent of donations to go directly where they are most needed.

7. More than just offering gasoline, ExxonMobil gives back in various ways, as well. The company already has donated more than $125 million to the National Math and Science Initiative, to help students propel themselves in the classroom. The aim of the organization is to aid in preparing both students and teachers alike for mathematics, science, technology and engineering.

Exxon also ensures America’s teachers are successful by partnering with the Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. How does this company benefit teachers? Every year, 600 third through fifth-grade teachers from schools across the nation are invited to participate in their five-day program, which equips teachers with the essentials to motivate kids to learn about science and math.

8. Panasonic has a long-standing tradition of delivering the best electronics to the marketplace, but the company also gives back. The Corporate Outreach Programs Department within Panasonic is responsible for developing and administering Panasonic Corporation of North America’s giving program. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships with not-for-profit organizations and by sharing corporate resources of employee volunteers, funds and company products. What’s more, the department manages and implements special programs and projects including (Kid Witness News and Creative Design Challenge) disaster relief and outreach efforts.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Though every company’s business model may be different, it is nice to see that these organizations embrace the notion of helping others while continuing be very lucrative. Do you know of a handful of companies that pay it forward?

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-Kimberly Williams

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