4 Ways to Go Green and Save

If you are allergic to cleaning products, as many are, consider making your own.

Green initiatives have been implemented across the globe. And, why shouldn’t they be? With everyone draining the earth of its precious resources and all. You don’t have to feel guilty for not doing your part. You can go green and save with the below tips.

Green with Envy

1. Many conversations arise between friends, so why not make the topic of going green one of them? It’s a very simple thing to do for your friend and the environment. Simply mention to your buddy that they can browse the Web to find new or gently used secondhand products, rather than buying them.

By purchasing items that can be reused, you can help preserve the resources that may have been used to make them. For example, if you are seeking to purchase wood furniture, you can cut down on the number of trees being used to make your pieces by purchasing from thrift stores, consignment shops and garage sales.

By purchasing items that can be reused, you can help preserve the resources that may have been used to make them.

2. Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Costco not only stock their warehouses with just about every item for your home or office at great prices, but they can save on the earth, too. By buying in bulk, you’ll save money and on packaging. Think about it: If you spring for products that are high-quality, they will last longer, thereby saving the tug both on your wallet and on the earth.

3. If you are allergic to cleaning products or think they are too costly, consider making your own. Safe and effective, non-toxic cleaning products can literally be right within your reach. Not only will you improve your air quality, but you may help preserve the ozone layer, because you won’t contribute to the large quantities of aerosol spray being used.

How can I make my own cleaning products? Just mix a little vinegar, lemon, soap and baking soda. Making your own cleaning products can trim your consumption of packaging and money. But, the best part is that you will know exactly what your products consist of.

4. For food safety reasons, our refrigerator needs to remain at or around a certain temperature at all times. But, depending on the temperature of your fridge, it also can help with using less energy. How do I check my fridges’ temperature? Place an appliance thermometer in a glass of water in the center of your refrigerator. The thermometer also can be stuck between frozen goods in the freezer overnight. The temperature of your fridge should read between 37 and 40 degrees °F; your freezer between zero and five degrees. If either your fridge or freezer is colder than average, adjust the setting, because keeping them 10 degrees colder than necessary may boost your energy consumption by as much as 25 percent.

Consider This…

Going green is not one person’s option, but an option for everyone. We hear about some companies that have adopted the go green motto, which include, Coach USA, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toyota and Home Depot, companies whose green success can rub off on us.

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-Kimberly Williams

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