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In the game of love couples are king. And, it’s no secret that life sometimes can be hard, therefore being in a supportive love relationship can be a critical part to how one recovers from situations that arise in life. Is your mate supportive when it comes to issues of the heart? Yes?…No?…Maybe?

In the game of love couples are king.
In the game of love couples are king.

Making the Right Move

To find out if your mate is fully supportive when it comes to you and your life experiences:

Don’t be bashful, communicate exactly what your needs are. More pointedly, what are your expectations of one other? Discuss, too, whatever issues arise and how you can best tackle them, together.

By invitation only. Invite your partner to a therapy session and plan ahead to speak about certain topics. While your mate doesn’t have to participate in the session, it would be beneficial for him or her to attend because they can receive insight into your thought processes.

Surely, by now you’ve heard songstress dubbed Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s, “Respect.” Overall, respect works better when mutually given. Though you have a right to it, you can demand respect by setting boundaries within your relationship and by insisting they are not crossed. When your partner expresses an idea or asks a question: take it seriously. Dr. Shauna H. Springer author of The Joint (Ad)Ventures of Well-Educated Couples says, “In my sample of 300 women, 75% reported that they would rather feel alone and unloved than disrespected and inadequate.”  The bottom line is there can be no love in a relationship without respect.

A Win-Win Situation

Love is a powerful emotion that is not without its ups and downs. As an aside, your life experiences is what shaped and molded you into the person you are today. Therefore, no one has the right to judge, criticize and/or make you feel badly about yourself by using tactics to demean or belittle. It’s a given that personalities differ, but one person certainly should not try to gain leverage over another, thereby creating a feeling of embarrassment or degradation, either.

What else? True love means acceptance, you never should feel the need to apologize for the person you truly are. Having a mate who celebrates you as a person can be an important aspect to navigating this thing called life.

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-Kimberly Williams

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