Best Beaches to Catch Some Rays

We are less than a week into the ‘2013’ summer season. What does this mean? Soaking up the sun, building sand castles and surfing monstrous waves, of course. Visit these popular beach destinations and you are sure to have fun, while spending time in the sun.

Kicking Back and Relaxing

The Atlantic Ocean can be seen in many areas of the world, but one notable spot is from Myrtle Beach, SC. With more than 60 miles of sand, this beach affords the opportunity to vacate the way you should, by taking your own queues. Are you a water fanatic during summer? If so, you can go flying down a waterslide, take a banana boat ride, go parasailing or jet skiing. You can visit one of its many waterparks; amusement parks are installed for your pleasure also, where you can go on an adventuresome roller coaster ride.

Myrtle Beach, Venice Beach and Hanalei Bay are popular beaches.
Myrtle Beach, Venice Beach and Hanalei Bay are popular beaches.

Perhaps you are more of the subtle type, when it comes to beachgoing. You won’t be left out if you are, because you can go fishing off the pier, chartering a fishing boat is another alternative, which is bound to keep you entertained.

Golfers trying for a hole-in-one and shoppers in search of a little retail therapy won’t be disappointed either, as there is something for you to do, also. Know, however, that there are many free and affordable activities you can take part in, while visiting this location. After all this fun and no work, you are bound to get hungry. Just step into one of the well-known eateries on the beach and treat your palate to a delectable meal.

Obtaining lodging while at Myrtle Beach also is a cinch. Take your pick of oceanfront resorts, hotels, motels, condo rentals, beach home and vacation rentals, along with a plethora of lodging options. In the interest of time, this article can’t even begin to describe all the things Myrtle Beach can deliver.

Now, let’s travel to Southern California’s Venice Beach, a place frequented by the artistic and creative. What else should I know about this beach? Venice Beach encompasses the beach, the promenade that runs parallel to the beach, Muscle Beach, the paddle tennis courts, the handball courts, Skate Dancing plaza, the various beach volleyball courts, the bike trail and the businesses. Residences that have their addresses on Ocean Front Walk also are considered to be a part of this beach. And, many celebrities, both past and present have called Venice Beach their home, this includes the likes of Nicolas Cage, Kate Beckinsale, Julia Roberts, Anjelica Huston, Fiona Apple, Hulk Hogan, Robert Downey Jr., George Carlin; the list is endless.

Venice Beach’s boardwalk hands down, is one of the most fascinating attractions you ever will come across in your lifetime, because it caters to a diverse range of people from all over the world. Stretching roughly one and a half miles along the Pacific Ocean, the boardwalk, commonly called the “walk,” is a place were hundreds of street vendors and performers meet to showcase their offerings. You can get a first-hand glimpse at everything from broken glass walking, to mimes, to musicians. This also is the go-to place for temporary tattoo art. Souvenirs are all around: The hardest part is choosing which ones to bring home. In addition, there is a huge selection of restaurants, bars and juice spots from which to choose.

Get your cameras ready, because the basketball courts in Venice Beach are renowned for their high level of street ball action. Moreover, countless NBA players have honed their craft or were recruited from these very courts. With so much to take in, it’s no wonder why this beach is regularly referenced in movies and in television shows.

Just think of Hanalei Bay as the perfect marriage between white sand and picturesque mountains.
Just think of Hanalei Bay as the perfect marriage between white sand and picturesque mountains.

You can have the lei of the land, while at Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. What does this beach offer? To begin with, it has a majestic beauty. Also, Hanalei Bay is a two-mile long, half-moon of sandy beach carved into the base of a sheer cliff on one side and transforming into a rocky point on the other. Just think of Hanalei Bay as the perfect marriage between white sand and picturesque mountains.

What’s more, if you travel to the westernmost curve of the bay, you’ll find a calm shoreline where the water is relatively quiet; even when most of the north shore is way too rough for safe swimming. In the mood for exercise? The beach is an amazing place for walking or for tossing around a Frisbee, as well.

Much like Venice Beach, Hanalei Bay is the home of world champion surfers and athletes. However, you don’t have to rub elbows with the rich and famous to take advantage of all this beach has in store. You can enjoy boundless activities such as paddling, swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, sailing, fishing, beach walks and family days. How’s this for vacationing?

The Be-All and End-All

Now that Fall, Winter and Spring have passed, it’s time to delight in the Summer months with a vacation or staycation. But, luckily you can do so with these and the many other fine beaches that are available, for you to take advantage of. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your suntan lotion.

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-Kimberly Williams

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