3 Hacks to Add Oomph to Your New Year


Congratulations, you survived the holidays and made it through the first full week of the New Year! But, with the New Year, some want to develop and pursue new interests. And, you may be asking yourself, “How can I make this year better?” Try these three things and you may be pleasantly surprised with how you achieve your goals.

Three Ways to Improve

1. Read more, learn more: It’s that simple! Reading books are a great way to gain in-depth knowledge on a plethora of subject matter. What else? Reading books can also expand your brain power. Consider setting aside time to read 20 or more books this year. Doing this is quite an easy task to accomplish, just turn your interest in books into a habit. Discover your favorite genre of books and read a portion of your book here and there; perhaps before bed time or during your lunch break is ideal to take your journey.

2. Carve out time for people in your life who matter most. Many people just do not have the time nor the interest in spending energy on people who are disingenuous, self-loathing and toxic. Instead, focus on the people who you care about deeply and who care about you. Why? Doing so is the best way to be and to stay happy. After all, life is about connecting with others and forging meaningful relationships isn’t it?

3. Become more cultured. Don’t be afraid to explore various kinds of music, history, art and cultural activities. The best way to fit in when talking to a variety of people from different backgrounds is to have a well-rounded education. Universal topics such as art, music and history are easy to comprehend if you spend enough time learning about them by utilizing helpful Web sites and online courses.

Infinite Ways to Explore

There are infinite ways to make 2016 an awesome year by branching out into new ventures. Can you think of additional ways? Please feel free to leave a comment below. Oh, and Cheers!

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-Kimberly Williams

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