4 Healthy Dining Tips

When it comes to buffet-style options at restaurants, many delve right in.

Are you on a diet or just trying to eat healthier? For some eating healthy and eating out may seem like an oxymoron, but it does not have to be one. By making these four simple selections when it comes to choosing your menu items, you may just thank your self later on, because you won’t pack on the extra pounds and you’ll know you made the best choice possible.

Eating and Eating, Alike

1. Can you name one person who does not enjoy indulging in food every once in a while? I can’t either. But, by starting your meal with a salad chock full of  veggies, you can help your hunger taper off. What this means is that you’ll feel satisfied, sooner. Congratulations, you’ve already won part of your battle by opting for those leafy greens.

2. Steak, poultry, fish, when it comes to buffet-style options at restaurants, many delve right in. And, why not? The meal is attractively priced and includes your choice of dessert and beverages, too. Although this may be an extremely alluring deal, it’s best to order an item from the menu instead of heading for the buffet.

3. If you are thirsty and need to whet your whistle, you have several menu options which can be both healthy and tasty. Simply ask for unsweetened tea, water with a twist of lemon, fat-free milk or low-fat milk. There may also be a plethora of other drinks without added sugars, as well.

4. So, you have this beautiful presentation of food that Chef Bobby Flay would delight in. As tempting as it may be to just eat until you are no longer hungry, eat slowly. Bear in mind that it takes roughly 20 minutes for it to register in your brain that you are no longer hungry. Yes, ladies and gents, you have to listen to your stomach and your brain on this one. One other factoid; fast eaters are often over eaters, while slow eaters tend to eat less and are still satisfied, in fact.

Maybe, Next Time

Skipping the “all-you-can-eat” buffet may not be such a bad idea after all, especially when there are menu options which can be equally, if not more satisfying. Wouldn’t you agree?

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-Kimberly Williams

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