3 Ways to Enter the Fun Zone

Equal parts work and equal parts play, can make for one happy person. Now, that you have the work part down pat, it’s time to get a handle on the fun part, this is where this article comes in. Follow these three simple tips and you may enjoy life a little more.

Under normal circumstances, family and friends can bring out the best in us.
Under normal circumstances, family and friends can bring out the best in us.

In the Market for Fun

Some of us have hectic and stressful workdays and family lives, so the more fun to be had, the better. How do I have the most fun I possibly can?

1. Watching your favorite sitcom can provide hours of laughs. And, guess what? Laughter can be a catalyst for fun. Whether you are into the epic comedy, The Golden Girls or the more modern, Two and a Half Men, you are sure to release tension and be a happier you. If you can’t catch your shows of choice during the week, make sure to record them and watch them on the weekends. There is nothing wrong with having a mini-marathon recorded that is playable at your command.

2. Under normal circumstances, family and friends can bring out the best in us. Whether through a funny anecdote or unwittingly, our families and friends can brighten our days in the zaniest of ways. The favor may be reciprocated on their end; you don’t know how much your sunshine and positivity can brighten up another person’s day.

3. Pets, such as a dog or cat may actually do more for us than we do for them; they can help keep us sane. The next time your dog, Rex, wants to go on a log walk down a nature trail don’t postpone it, because your pet and yourself can explore together; not only that, your dog is bound to do something comical. Just be sure to watch out for the poison oak!

 Working-Out your Funny Bone

Let’s face it: We can all stand to have more fun, whether through the help of a sitcom, family and friends or a pet, it can provide a calming release.

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-Kimberly Williams

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