3 Easy-to-Care-for Houseplants

stand plants

What’s a five letter word that can brighten any living space? If you guessed plant, then you are correct. The following three plants are easy to maintain, which is great for any plant lover.

Three or More Choices

1. Jade plants (Crassula ovata) are adored by many. These succulents have thick and lush leaves. The branches on these plants also are visually striking. One benefit of having a jade plant is it will grow slowly. You’ll definitely have your pick of these plants, as they are available in a range of colors including blue, pink, purple, red, variegated and white. They prefer high light while indoors. And, because you do not want to overwater your plant, as jade plants, and other succulents, do not require much water, simply water when needed.

According to Costa Farms, “Some of the easiest houseplants to grow include Chinese evergreen, ZZ plant and snake plant.”

2. Also a member of the succulent family, the aloe plant (Barbados aloe) can have a range of uses. For example, aloe can be used to soothe burns. And, aloe vera is touted as the “burn plant,” according to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Aloe plants prefer high light. They also are available in green and variegated options. Fertilize your aloe during spring and summer. What’s the best fertilizer to use? You can use any general-purpose fertilizer labeled for use on houseplants. Just follow the directions on the fertilizer packaging for suggestions on how much to use. Please note that aloe is not intended for human or animal consumption.

3. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica), a member of the ficus family, is worth taking a second look at. It also is native to parts of Asia including east India, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The plant develops thick, oval, green, burgundy or variegated leaves. Rubber plants thrive in bright light and in soil that is slightly moist. Allow the surface of your rubber tree’s soil to dry out between each watering. The plant prefers a range of room temperatures between about 60 and 80 degrees. With proper care, this popular houseplant can grow into an 8-foot-tall tree.

Adding Cheer to Living Spaces

This list doesn’t even touch the surface on the amount of easy care houseplants. According to Costa Farms, “Some of the easiest houseplants to grow include Chinese evergreen, ZZ plant and snake plant.” Do you have low-maintenance house plants? If so, which are your favorite? Feel free to answer by using the comment section below.

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