The Next Decade: 5 Ways to Make 2020 Pop

From the possibility of flying cars to an even stronger presence of robots, we’ve been anticipating the year 2020 for decades. As the countdown to this mysterious year begins, many may already be deciding on how to make the year a great one. The following five suggestions may help on that front.

From All Angles

1. Grab a pen and paper. By journaling and reflecting on the things you liked about your day and what you wish you would’ve changed, you can strive to make those changes the next time. Not only that, journaling helps organize thoughts. Don’t fret if you miss the mark, just keep trying until you reach your goals.

2. Find a mentor. Having a mentor is great at any age. Why is this? Mentors can give the much needed insight into your specific life situations. Just think of mentors as being able to point you one step closer in the right direction. Whether you consider yourself to be old or young, there is never a such thing as knowing everything or too much, even. Plus, learning is a lifelong process and it can best be done with the help of someone you know and trust.

3. Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Mirror those you admire and think are successful. You can hone in on the attributes you admire in friends and family, and ask them more about themselves, but remember to make mental notes about your talks. Nearly everyone likes the chance to talk about themselves! And, the exchange can benefit you in many ways than one.

4. Budget, budget, budget. Make a budget for how much you need to spend versus how much you would like to save each month. Start out with a small amount to save or an amount that won’t be missed, then increase or decrease these funds as needed. Your wallet will thank you later.

5. With so much uncertainty and chaos in the world, why not pay it forward? Paying it forward simply means committing random acts of kindness to someone, but especially to a stranger. The energy, time and thought you put into helping someone can only equal a great return on your part. And, your good deed will never go unnoticed.

The Greatest Gift

With a plan in place, bidding adieu to the past decade can be easier than you think. What are a few of your New Year’s resolutions? Feel free to write them in the comment section below. Let’s cue the fireworks. Happy New Year!

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