3 Less Trendy Technological Advances

One day it’s in and the next day it’s out, technology that is. But, what has come and gone? Read further to find which three technological advances are no longer in demand. Who knows, you still may use several of them.

The Wave of the Future, Almost

Atari first pioneered the gaming system in 1972.
Atari first pioneered the gaming system in 1972.

1. Cable Television is an unnecessary bill for some and a must-have for others. Nonetheless, the popularity of cable television definitely is waning.

Why? Cable subscribers have been declining since 2004. And, some analysts believe this trend will only continue. Let’s take a closer look at cable stats: Roughly 54.8 million households currently pay for cable TV; which has decreased 3.3 percent from 2012 and down 17.6 percent from a decade prior, information that comes from research firm IHS.

What’s more, cable companies are expected to part ways with close to 1.3 million subscribers this year. So, something has to replace cable television in residences, right? Roku, Hulu and Netflix are alternative options to cable service, that offers the same programming, but at a lower cost.

2. Having a landline can prove useful in the wake of a disaster, especially if ones cell phone is not fully charged or has no reception. However, less and less households have landlines in them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that two in every five U.S. homes had wireless phones only during the first half of the year, an uptick from the first half of 2012. The change in landline use can be attributed to alternate means of communication, such as Skype, FaceTime and the like.

While we are touching on the subject of landlines, now is the perfect time to discuss two-year contracts for cell phones. A plethora of customers just are not satisfied with these contracts. How come? Well, there is no way to change phones within this period of time without being assessed a fee. We can’t forget about the fact that several of these plans result in consumers paying more than the starting monthly price they originally were quoted in the store.

Instead, customers are looking to other options to meet their needs; this is where no-contract providers fit in. No-contract providers are offered at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and MetroPCS, to name a few. Ever conscience of this shift, most wireless providers offer this option, too.

3. Kodak, Polaroid and Nikon are just a handful of iconic names when it comes to picture-taking. Furthermore, digital cameras are known for its compact size and sleek packaging. Over the past couple of years digital camera use has begun to decline, the Consumer Electronics Association has taken particular note of the dwindling purchases. One reason digital cameras aren’t as popular is due to the fact that consumers who want high-quality photos are now selecting DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras. What about those who choose not to purchase cameras at all? Simply put, many just use their Smartphone to capture images.

The Never-Ending Change

As technology continues to advance, many more once highly sought-after products will be pushed to the side for cheaper alternatives. The question is will you adopt these less costly trends?

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-Kimberly Williams

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  1. Shelly says:

    Looking back, I wonder what I ever did without the technology that we have today.


    1. I am not sure, Shelly. What would we do if we suddenly had no technology at all? Cheers!


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