4 Personal Branding Tips

Ever thought of owning your own business? Or perhaps, you are searching for ways to make your already existing business, ‘pop,’ so to speak. Either way, by following these tips, you are sure to get the stamp of approval from everyone who looks at your brand.

After purchasing your domain name, add a bio, your picture, your email address and links to the rest of your presence (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
After purchasing your domain name, add a bio, your picture, your email address and links to the rest of your presence (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

Being the Ambassador of Your Brand

1. Personal branding is a core aspect of any thriving business, these days. Think you are not being searched for online? You’re wrong, so this is even more of a reason to establish your online presence, if you have not already done so.

Think of it this way: Colleagues, friends and potential customers all may take to Google, to do research on what you can offer. Your unique brand message gives a good indication of what you’re like to work with, it also demonstrates the methodologies you use in order to make things come into fruition. Even still, make sure your branded content is what comes up in search results, as people Google your name. One way to do this, is to build a basic online presence through your personal Web site or blog.

To begin with, you can purchase your full name as a domain name (yourfullname.com). By developing either a static Web site or blog under your domain name, you will own the first result for your name in Google and similar search engines. This, in fact, should be a separate site than your company’s Web site.

As a nice little segue, after purchasing your domain name, add a bio, your picture, your email address and links to the rest of your presence (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). In short, your brand should be expressed across all communications mediums. Why? Using the presence of social media can help leverage your brand and puts you in total control of it. Not to mention the fact that it will allow you to engage with those who may be interested in hearing more about your brand. What’s even more, it allows others to select their medium of choice, in which to contact you. Though we wish it were, just branding your company isn’t enough, at present. The world wants to hear what you have to say, as a key contact within an organization and prefers to take an up close and personal approach to finding out this information.

2. As it turns out, adding and subtracting may not be such a bad thing; especially when it comes to enlisting the assistance of others to help you grow your brand. Reach out and solicit feedback from those who know you best. This feedback may come directly from family members, friends and colleagues; the true measure of your brand’s success is the reputation others hold of you and how this reputation is translated into your brand. Asking them what your top brand attributes and core strengths are isn’t a bad idea, either. If they easily can tell you, then you’ve succeeded in the branding arena.

3. Traditionally speaking, when we think of networking, we think about swapping business cards and storing them for review at a later date. Networking can be an effective tool to become well-known in an industry. And, while you may not always have taken advantage of this practice, now is the perfect time to let it work for you. Accomplishing this may be easier than you thought; simply connect with other industry professionals, by using social networks and commenting on their blogs, too. How is this advantageous? By establishing rapports with people in your targeted audience, your business and brand can only flourish.

4. Ever heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid, Keep It Stupid Simple) method? It can be highly useful when it comes to bringing your brand to the forefront. How does this relate to personal branding? By remembering the three Cs of branding; clarity, consistency and constancy, you will stand out amongst other brands, because you will develop a clear sense of what you are shooting for. Determine what niche you want to fit in, then hone-in on your target audience.

Tooting Your Own Horn

A lot is at stake when it comes to your brand. Plus, brand integrity is essential, it’s therefore imperative that your brands’ message not be diluted with things that don’t add to the overall look and feel of it. Remember: It’s your brand, carefully guard it!

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-Kimberly Williams

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  1. Constanni says:

    Great post.


    1. Thanks, Constanni. Do you engage in personal branding efforts?


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